What’s in a Name?

“Zenia” is a play on the word Xenia (X-a-knee-ah) which is a word that spans through many languages and cultures for hospitality. When we built Zenia Omaha our goal was to provide the most hospitable space in Omaha. A place where people could connect on a higher level and feel like they were “home”. The Greek culture has an unspoken cultural law that expresses generosity and courtesy to strangers. We look forward to greeting all and turning them into friends of Zenia. Our guests are more than “customers” they are friends.

Relax…We Thought of Everything

We’ve designed comfortable, warm spaces that allow for long conversations, bright ideas and relationships to build.

  • A lush outdoor courtyard for gathering, meditating or dining
  • Modern, soft-sided seating in pre-function space
  • Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the inviting courtyard
  • Large windows inside the ballroom
  • Filtered natural light from above
  • Warm tone, premium flooring
  • Well-appointed screens, electrical and lighting
  • Ample green space for tenting, picnics and carnivals
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Comfort in Every Detail

To help you achieve Zenia, we’ve built a space that lays the foundation for your events to unfold in the best possible way.

  • Diverse list of the best catering companies in Omaha
  • Full catering kitchen allows for the best possible food from your caterer
  • 66” rounds to allow for more spacious seating of 10 at a table
  • Stylish, comfortable upholstered chairs
  • Black or white, floor length linens
  • Exclusive use of the space starting at 10am the day of your event
  • Ample, free parking
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